Giving Something Back

Following the recent announcement from Hart Lake Escapes about their Loyalty Scheme and as our lovely guests Julie and Phill Hamilton 😊 are about to stay with us for their 5th time would like to explain exactly how this will work.

The scheme is purely to give something back to guests that return time after time. For example we have guests that have visited 4 times for 2 night stays, staying for 8 nights in total since June 2022. On booking their next minimum two night stay they will receive an additional complimentary night 🎁 that they will be able to add on that stay. This is also pro’rated for guests that have repeatedly stayed for longer stays once they have accumulated 8 nights

Many of our guests are focused on staying in each one of our individually themed beautiful huts and some class ‘their’ hut as their holiday home and want to return to ‘their hut’ time after time. This is truly humbling to us and we just want to give that little bit back…